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*All new clients will be required to pay a $100 deposit*

1 HR  $600

90 min  $750

2 HR   $1000

3 HR   $1400


4 HR   $1600

6 HR   $2500

Overnight 12 HR   $5000

Full Day 24HR   $7000

Out Call rates are an additional $100

Appts of 4 or more hours will require a 50% deposit 

Appts of 4 or more hours will require a Meal and Social Time

Overnights require 6 hours of rest 

My rates are a superb and crystalline reflection of my work ethic and the amount of effort, energy and passion that I invest into each and every one of my sessions. Moreover, I take great pride in my punctuality and humbly implore that in the unfortunate event you are unable to maintain the time set for our rendezvous that you please take into consideration that I have other obligations that I must, and will, uphold.

I can assure you that from the very moment our communication commences up to the very last moment of our memorable experience together I will go above and beyond to accommodate you in any and every way that I can to ensure your satisfaction, safety and discretion.

Please provide payment in an unsealed envelope. If we are in a public environment at the time of our coalescence then please provide payment in a card or something that is discreet and self-effacing as to not draw attention to us. All rates are non-negotiable and even the slightest inkling to ask for modified rates is a huge and abject affront to anybody in the escort industry who decides to provide you with their companionship. All rates are sheerly for our time spent together and nothing more.

Cancelation Policy

I understand that life can interrupt our plans. Should you need to reschedule our date, Im happy to accomodate you within reason.  Canceling, within 48 hours of the day of your appointment will incur a 50% cancelation fee. Canceling within 24 hours of the day of your appointment will incur a 100& cancelation fee. If you cancel, next time your will be required to pay a full deposit on the next appointment.

Sincerely, Nina Lakes

Decorum .

Above all else my safety and peace-of-mind is paramount.

And as a means of securing these two staples, before I can, or will, make your acquaintance a photo of you holding up your ID and two provider references that you've recently seen, or employment verification (e.g., business card, paycheck stubs, a business email, ect...) will be required for screening purposes. The aforementioned requisites will then be checked out online and the veracity of this information will then be verified. Once complete, and only if I'm satisfied with the results of my efforts, will we then begin to dive deeper into the more intimate details of our potential encounter. Absent ANY of these requisites and there will be absolutely nothing I can do for you.

I've decided to begin the propriety portion of my website with screening requisites because a potential clients alacrity to comply with this process says a lot about his character and, more importantly, his regard for what I feel keeps me safe in my endeavor. As of recently it has been brought to my attention that reputable screening websites have failed to screen men properly and have allowed people that have been blacklisted to gain access to their website. Therefore your membership on any website (TER, P411, ect...) will be overlooked as sufficient for screening. Again, nothing short of the aforementioned information will suffice for screening. I find that my method is much more thorough and meticulous. Moreover, I find a man who can appreciate the tremendous amount of effort that I invest into my screening a huge turn on.

Once you have been vetted and verified you can then ask me whatever it is that you'd like to about our anticipated encounter. But before this has been done I ask that you refrain from asking me anything about the nature of my business. I am an escort, and that in and of itself should tell you more than enough about my companionship.

Please be adequately groomed and bathed before our rendezvous begins. If work or any other factor has caused you to perspire before showing up I'd love nothing more than to begin our session with a hot and steamy shower where I will wash you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. And last but not least, please exhibit the same level of respect and discretion that you will be given.

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So, it seems that at this point in your virile odyssey every Force in the universe - Fate - has come together and conspired and has caused you to be here, at this very moment in time, eye's fascinated by and fixated on the splendor of my photos, mind captivated by my words, and now so many vivid and tantalizing thoughts are twirling through your mind about the many possibilities and positions we just might find ourselves entangled in.

So then where do we go from here? How does it all end? Or better yet, how can it all begin?

The narrative to these very whimsical questions and the many notions that can be brought to life are nearly infinite. But there is, amongst this plethora of possibilities, one thing and one thing only that I can say with the upmost level of confidence and certainty... I'm ready!

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Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ:
8th-10th (Thursday – Saturday)

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